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Other Services

Foreign Exchange

Derg Credit Union offers a foreign exchange service to members. Members can order foreign notes which are generally available at the office within three working days. The exchange rate at the time of purchasing will apply.

We provide a competitive foreign exchange service. Sterling and dollars are available in the office, while these and other currencies can be ordered using the Click & Collect service below (Click on the image).




Standing Orders

Standing Orders are a convenient way for members to save and pay their loans. Some people send in enough funds so that they can pay the interest, the loan and also save. The standing order form needs to be completed and signed by you and given to the bank where your account is held.

The standing order is controlled by the member so if you wish to change the amount or cancel it you must make contact with your bank directly.

It is very important to put the Credit Union number (found on your credit union book) in the reference field on the standing order form. The Bank will put the reference on the standing order and that allows us to place the funds in your account.

Visa Debit/ Laser Card

Members may make payments to their accounts using a bank Debit Card or Laser Card

Electronic Fund Transfer

Members can transfer money by Electronic Fund Transfer from their credit union account to bank accounts in Ireland.

Advantages of EFT?

  • There is no need to collect cash anymore which can be lost or stolen.
  • This improves the safety of the transaction for Members.
  • Where the transaction is too large for cash, we issue a cheque. This must then be brought to the bank, lodged, and can take at least 3 days to clear.
  • With EFT your money will be available to you within 2 days.

This great service is available from your CU now! Please call us or visit us for more details.


Payzone is the convenient way to pay your household bills, top up your mobile phone and make other payments on your regular visits to Derg Credit Union.

We collect payments on behalf of Ireland’s biggest utility companies including Bord Gais, ESB Electric Ireland, Eircom, AES and Virgin Media. We can also take Eflow toll payments and Property Tax payments. You get a receipt for every payment you make, and your customer account is credited the next working day. We also can issue phone credit for all major mobile phone networks.

New companies are being added to the list of payment services all the time. Ask a member of staff for more details.